Restorative Dentistry

Reshaping teeth, replacing missing teeth and managing dental disease

Restorative dentistry is the study, examination and treatment of diseases of the oral cavity, the teeth and their supporting structures. Restorative Dentistry includes the dental monospecialties of endodontics, periodontics and prosthodontics (including implantology), and its foundation is based upon how these interact in the management of cases requiring multifaceted care.

Restorative Dentistry is a dental specialty that is largely based in the hospital environment that deals with a wide variety of diseases of the oral cavity. Consultants and specialists in Restorative Dentistry play an important pivotal role in the provision of treatment for Hypodontia in that they are involved throughout treatment in decision making for the final position of teeth moved by orthdodontics and then provide restorations to fill spaces or to reshape the teeth.

Restorative treatment can be provided by all grades of dentist but ideally should be planned in the hospital environment under supervision of a consultant in the specialty.

More information on involvement of Restorative Dentistry can be found here in an article in the British Dental Journal.

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