Which professionals are involved in the management of Hypodontia ?

The professionals that need to manage hypodontia can depend on the severity and complexity of the treatment required. In mild cases of hypodontia diagnosis and treatment planning of cases can take place with a team of dentists in the hospital environment and treatment delivered by a general dentist. These teams may comprise of an orthodontist (these dentists specialise in the position and movement of teeth), paediatric dentist (these dentists are concerned with the health of baby and adult teeth during childhood and adolescance) and restorative dentist (these dentists specialise in managing spaces between teeth, the size shape and colour of teeth). 

If patients need teeth removed then specialists in oral surgery may be liaised with for treatment. In very complicated cases where the upper or lower jaws are underdeveloped or overdeveloped will require input from maxillofacial surgeons.  

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