What is a 'composite build up' or 'white fillings'?

Where teeth are underdeveloped resulting in them being small or a different shape of natural teeth then your dentist may decide for the teeth to undergo a process of reshaping and improvement of the shade of the teeth. The teeth in the large majority of cases will not require to be drilled or damaged. The teeth will need to undergo a process of bonding utilising a special type of glue and white tooth filling material will be added gradually to the tooth and allowed to set with a blue light. As long as your oral hygiene is good and you attend for regular checkups these build ups can last a very long time. Before the teeth are built your dentist may consider the need to bleach the teeth to improve their colour to a lighter shade. 
Teeth can be reshaped to be made to be wider and longer to look more normal with adhesive resin. Here the middle tooth has been made wider to fill the space. 

Other areas where this technique can be utilised include teeth that are out of position that can be disguised to close space or disguise the teeth to be in the right position. 

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