What is Hypodontia ?

Hypodontia is an oral condition where patients have missing teeth due to a failure of development (also called tooth agenesis). Hypodontia describes a situation where the patient is missing up to five permanent teeth, excluding wisdom teeth

The condition of missing over five (six or more) permanent teeth, is called oligodontia. The condition for missing all teeth, either primary and/or permanent), is called anodontia

Many other terms to describe a reduction in number of teeth appear in the literature: aplasia of teeth, congenitally missing teeth, absence of teeth, agenesis of teeth and lack of teeth.

Different levels of Hypodontia


  1. Thank you for giving your readers a good insight about hypodontia! Anyway, in addition to this post, the common condition of hypodontia include missing between one to six teeth. This disease can be either syndromic or isolated. Syndromic is related to a systemic syndrome or condition. Isolated means that hypodontia can be non-syndromic.

  2. Thank you Daniel for my maiden comment ! I will be publishing a page addressing the issue you describe. Thank you very much and please feel free to comment on other aspects of the blog.